Impromptunes delivers an in-depth workshop program covering improvised musical theatre. As the leaders of the art form in Australia, there is no better place to develop this skill!


Sessions are run by the experienced Impromptunes team, including trained educators such as Company Director Emmet Nichols, Roland Lewis and other improvisation veterans such as Amanda Buckley and Greg Lavell.


After working with Showstopper - The Improvised Musical (UK) and Baby Wants Candy (US) during their time in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016, the Impromptunes courses are better than ever.


Act One - Improvised Singing

Start here no matter what your previous experience! Participants learn skills for rhyming, song structure and making up melodies on the spot, as well as importantly developing the shared language of Impromptunes.


Act Two - Improvised Musical

Participants further their understanding of musical theatre structure and use their songprov skills to create longform improvised musicals.


Act Three - Advanced Songprov

Work on what the Impromptunes do in their own training sessions! This is the cutting edge of improvised musical theatre, engaging with new ways to incorporate musical theatre conventions into the improvised context.


Entr’acte - Long Form Improvisation

This course has an emphasis on storytelling and is suitable for improvisers with less experience at creating long-form narratives. Participants develop their ability to create improvised characters on the spot and construct satisfying stories as a team.



An opportunity for keen participants to further develop their skills. These sessions are flexible and personalised, catered towards the needs of the group itself.


The overall emphasis of the extended courses is on FUN, and creating musical impro together in a safe, supportive environment. Impromptunes values quality and has a great and thus you can be assured that each course is run by a highly experienced improviser and pianist duo.

Opportunity Scholarships

Impromptunes is now offering Opportunity Scholarships. These are designed with the aim of giving those who otherwise might not be able to participate (due to their background or experience), a chance to participate in one of our courses. Impromptunes aims to offer two scholarships with each workshop course, each attracting a discount of at least 50%. To apply for a scholarship in our next round of courses, please click here.

To find out what’s coming up in Impromptunes’ workshop program - contact us! You can also keep an eye on our Facebook page for workshop announcements.




“Impromptunes’ student course was fantastic. After years away from the performing and creative arts, I was nervous that I'd have no idea what to do. Emmet and Greg were both supportive and excellent teachers, the group of students were eager and engaged and we grew as a team over the six weeks. I can't wait to use the skills I've learned in the next series of workshops.”


“Coming in as a total novice I was quite apprehensive, but it was such a supportive environment, everyone was so lovely and encouraging that it created a really great learning space. I learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed it. Am looking forward to part two.”



“Despite coming from a background of impro and music, the course challenged, frightened and motivated me in all the right ways! A great skills refresher workshop for the super experienced and a extremely supportive starting place for those coming in with absolutely no experience!”


“I learned more about rhyming structure and timing, in this 8 week course, than ANY of my previous years of doing improv. So if you want to learn how to add songs to your improv repertoire, then THIS is the perfect way to start.”


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